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  1. Our past:

    Hi, Welcome to our website,  My name is Vickie and i started Little Nina clothing just over a year ago. At the time i set my business up I was told by another person in this business that I would never amount to nothing and I would always be a nobody and i would never succeed! And a year later I have had such a big success making and selling my clothing something that I love, I have a very successful online business and stock to other shops around the UK & overseas. I got so busy it became impossible to do such a big workload on my own so my sister-in-law Sarah started to work for me which within a couple of weeks became full time  and we have just opened our 1st shop in Birstall, West Yorkshire. 

    Our present: me and my amazing sister-in-law Sarah are now in partnership in our shop and in just 2 weeks we have met some fabulous people and have had so much support from the local community in our little town and we cannot believe the overwelming response we have had. 

    Just under a year ago a lovely lady called Emma from Little Bettys Boutique on Hazel Grove Cheshire approached me and we also started to swap ideas and made such a lovely bond & friendship that we are now sister shops and we stock all our clothing there as well as been in business together,

    It just goes to show that bullies never sucseed and however low someone can make you feel you can bounce back and get stronger and rise above it all.

    Our future:

    So..... Our future, we would just love to carry on doing everything we are doing now and having daily chats online and in our shops to our amazing customers who down to them we are were we are today......

    Thank You to all of our Customers, family, friends & our community for all your support over this past year 

    Vickie, Sarah & Emma